Gelatin is a food ingredient that gives consistency and texture, often used for making desserts. And it is definitely not an additive. Since most of us know only this use, there is a perception that Gelatin is a dessert material. However, gelatin is a miraculous food ingredient used in many areas from the food industry to the pharmaceutical industry.

There are 2 types of gelatines.


While powder gelatin is mostly used in industrial production, Leaf Gelatin is mostly used in kitchens.

It is a great consistency and texture adding food ingredient designed for Chefs and anyone who wants to create wonders in their kitchen. Leaf-shaped form is given for ease of use and best results. Each leaf has a standard weight and consistency feature.


It is portioned in sizes suitable for direct use by kitchen professionals.
It is packaged in 500 sheets and 1000 g. Packaged in 20 g portions and small sizes to transform your kitchen into a wonderful pastry shop.


Powder gelatin is a technical product with many parameters such as bloom, viscosity, turbidity, isoelectric point, PH, texture, which we produce under completely halal conditions especially for industrial food manufacturers. Businesses prefer to use powder gelatin at different standards depending on the production method and targeted product, which requires a very high level of engineering and expertise.
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